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We use 15 different fabric types and counts and have more than 140 hand-dyed colors to choose from:





Little bits of important information:

We don’t sell retail. We only sell wholesale to needlecraft/ craft shops and designers. If you are a retail customer, you can see all of our colors by clicking on the “Product Catalog” page above. But you will have to find a retailer to get your fabric. Shouldn’t be hard, though. We send a lot of fabric out to a lot of shops!

Good news! We released 4 new colors at the Nashville Market!  Haven’t been able to do that in 3 years.  They are featured just above.

We’re very excited for you to see them.

More good news! We’ve been working really hard on our abysmal lead time and it’s starting to have an effect. Our lead time is now 6-10 weeks!

And the last good news – to help answer questions that we still get from many stitchers, we’re adding a new page to this website. It will be “Care & Feeding of Hand-Dyed Fabric” – also known as frequently asked questions. I think it will provide information that helps explain our fabric.

P.S.  Truffle had to be discontinued, but we have a suggested substitute.  After talking with the designer and comparing the threads used for “Summer Quaker” – Quartz has been selected as a worthy substitute!

~Marilyn, Leigha, Shelbye, Lydia and Maureen

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